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jugad's Journal

Nice examples of jugad

jugad (Vasudev Ram)

Vasudev Ram's blog, tracking software innovation, worldwide.


Nice examples of jugad

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Saw this via Gautam Ghosh's blog.

Nice examples of jugad


"It is an India of jugaad, taken for granted, yet fulfilling a vital necessity at a
resource-starved grassroots"

"This mode of quick fixes has stood the test of time, demonstrating its viability in auto-repairs,
earthworks, construction, fabrication, farm equipment, military hardware, among others,
sustained by a pool of professionals, mechanics and workmen. Unknown to the public,
jugaad supplemented the war effort in December 1971.

"The success was underwritten by a "gigantic scale of wartime improvisation anywhere in the world,
except perhaps for the Vietcong", as a military planner described it. "

"The jugaad saved more than Rs 12 crore. In another instance, localised jugaad bailed
out a team of scientists, after a sudden storm played spoilsport by tossing their boat far out
into the Chilka lake in Orissa.

"Visitors to Punjab and western Uttar Pradesh are intrigued by the presence of a contraption
that looks like an unseemly marriage of a tractor-trolley- bullock cart with a sooty open bonnet.

As the design or the make does not match any known description or definition of a
roadworthy vehicle, it lies outside the pale of transport laws. Neither registration nor licence is
required to operate one.

In the eighties, mechanics in Punjab assembled a prototype to transport agriculture produce to
godowns and rugged enough to negotiate uneven village tracks. They chose the ubiquitous
water pump that consumed diesel by the hour, not miles, to run the contraption."

"Gradually the idea caught on in western UP, where improved versions with closed bonnets and
a steering were fabricated, with greater seating capacity. It is incidentally known as the Jugaad.

Now you know why I named my blog jugad !!! :-)

- Vasudev Ram
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