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jugad's Journal

Pingdom come :-) *

jugad (Vasudev Ram)

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Pingdom come :-) *

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Pingdom.com is a cool web-based web site monitoring tool that I saw some time ago. They provide multiple checks such as the overall time for your web page to load, the time for each object in the page (such as the main HTML page itself, each image, etc.) to load, and so on. An interesting and useful service, methinks ...

They also have a free Full Page Test that "loads a complete HTML page including all objects (images, CSS, JavaScripts, RSS, Flash and frames/iframes)". It mimics the way a page is loaded in a web browser, and gives a nice report on the load time of each object, and the overall load time.

Plus, there's another tool called Ping and TraceRoute test

On a related note, I had written a small network monitoring tool - I had called it pinger.sh :-), some time back when I was working at Infosys Technologies. Wrote it in a combination of C, sh and Perl, to run on UNIX. This was in response to a request from some Infosys system administrator friends of mine for such a tool. It was just a simple tool - all it did was ping a given server (host) or servers repeatedly at some given interval, parse (with regular expressions) the ping output, and then log the parsed output, but it was useful - they deployed it on many servers in the Infosys network and later told me that it was of help.

Though it was simple, one somewhat neat feature of it was that it would do the ping every n seconds, exactly on the second (where n was usually some number of minutes, like 5 or 10) - this being a request from the administrators, for better looking output to show to their bosses :-) - I had to spend a little time figuring out how to do that; ended up rolling my own solution to it, in C code (hence the need for C - all the rest was done in sh and Perl) - though I later learned that it might have been more easily doable using the gettimeofday UNIX system call. Good fun ...

I also published an article about pinger.sh in the internal Infosys knowledge management system, called the Body of Knowledge (BOK).

* The subject used for this post - "Pingdom come" - is a play on words - referring to the phrase "till kingdom come" - which I've read in a few places, but not sure what the exact allusion is to.

Their company blog's name is another nice play on words - Royal Pingdom :-)

Vasudev Ram
  • (Anonymous)
    yes, pingdom is nice. You may also want to take a look at Site24x7 (http://site24x7.com), a website monitoring service from the makers of Zoho.

    • >You may also want to take a look at Site24x7 (http://site24x7.com), a website monitoring service from the makers of Zoho.

      Thanks for the info. Will check it out.


  • another site performance testing tool

    I would also recommend to use this online free performance testing tool - http://Site-Perf.com/

    It measure loading speed of page and it’s requisites (images/js/css) like browsers do and shows nice detailed chart - so you can easily spot bottlenecks. It’s very detailed and accurate, supports a lot of features like Keep-Alive and HTTP-compression.

    Also useful feature is that this tool can measure quality of internet link of your server.
    • Re: another site performance testing tool

      Thanks - will take a look.
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