April 15th, 2007

Good Ruby book - Enterprise Integration with Ruby

Hey Rubyists,

This book by Maik Schmidt - and from the Pragmatic Bookshelf - is really worth checking out.

I just bought it a couple of weeks ago, and have finished reading a good amount of it:

Enterprise Integration with Ruby

It overs a good number of different integration areas, all are important ones, and does so rather well, IMO. Short but powerful code samples that illustrate various ways in which Ruby is good for enterprise integration - LDAP, databases, different kinds of RPC and distributed programming, sockets, REST, LDAP, XML (I particularly like the sections about REXML - ) logging, internationalization, etc.

I'd done some stuff in Ruby with XML/REXML, LDAP, databases, a little XML-RPC (Ruby's XML-RPC implementation is supposed to be very good) and REST earlier, but still learned a good amount from this book. Coverage of some areas is a little thinner that I could have wished, that's the only (minor) issue.

Enjoyed the book a lot, learnt some good Ruby coding techniques from it (his code is quite compact and Rubyish, I think).

I Googled for him and found his blog/site. Looks like he's done a lot of stuff ... Saw on that site that Steve Vinoski (of CORBA fame) has given the book a a thumbs up too.

If you're a lurking Rubyist in a corporate IT shop, go write some enterprisey integration code and impress your boss; if you're not, well, do something with it anyway ... :-) I know I will ... heh, heh, heh.

Vasudev Ram

P.S. Steve Vinoski's blog at IONA is here.
I saw there that he's leaving them for a startup (after being with them for 10 years), though. IONA is a leading CORBA / middleware product company. Hope he publicizes his new blog ...